SynPlanet has announced a partnership with Temporal Games

SynPlanet and Temporal Games are excited to announce this partnership, which marks a new milestone in the development of digital twins and immersive simulations. The partnership will inspire users to discover, imagine, and shape the future of the planet.

SynPlanet is an AI-based interactive digital twin of Earth, offering a realistic and immersive digital representation of the physical world. It provides seamless georeferenced data aggregation with user-friendly visualization and analytical tools, unlimited content including gamified and user generated experiences.

Temporal Games is a Generative AI company that elevates AI to the third dimension through its Generative 3D platform Vertical, providing Generative 3D as a service.

The partnership between SynPlanet and Temporal Games will leverage the strengths of both platforms to create a new level of realism and interactivity.