SynPlanet and LAB.PH have announced a collaboration with the Makati City

SynPlanet and LAB.PH have announced a collaboration with the Makati City government in the Philippines to build a digital twin of the city

LAB.PH, an economic development management consulting firm, is the Philippine partner of the World Economic Forum’s G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance, spearheading government policy-making, strategic advisory, and technology integrations under the program. The firm, in partnership with SynPlanet, has agreed to co-develop a solution with the Makati City government to create new avenues for citizens to interact with and become participatory members of their local communities. This new model bolsters their areas of priority, which include economic development, tourism, health, public welfare, and the environment.

A digital twin is a virtual representation of a real-world entity or system that can be used for simulation, analysis, and optimization. Digital twins can help improve urban planning, disaster management, environmental monitoring, traffic management, public safety, tourism, education, and more.

The digital twin will be accessible through SynPlanet’s metaverse platform, which allows users to create and explore immersive 3D worlds using any device. It will be one of the first large-scale digital twins in Southeast Asia and one of the most advanced in the world, showcasing how digital twins can help transform cities into smart cities that are more resilient, sustainable, inclusive, and innovative.