SynPlanet has announced a partnership with Temporal Games
SynPlanet and Temporal Games are excited to announce this partnership, which marks a new milestone in the development of digital twins and immersive simulations. The partnership will inspire users to discover, imagine, and shape the future of the planet. SynPlanet is an AI-based interactive digital twin of Earth, offering a realistic and immersive digital representation […]
SynPlanet and LAB.PH have announced a collaboration with the Makati City
SynPlanet and LAB.PH have announced a collaboration with the Makati City government in the Philippines to build a digital twin of the city LAB.PH, an economic development management consulting firm, is the Philippine partner of the World Economic Forum’s G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance, spearheading government policy-making, strategic advisory, and technology integrations under the program. […]
Clare Carnell joined SynPlanet team as Vice President
We are delighted to announce that Clare Carnell has joined the team of SynPlanet. She will empower our team with all the challenges we experience, from building new formats of IP to creators’ economy and future regulation. Clare will lead us in improving social development based on sustainability and people’s rights.
SynPlanet partnered with Carbon Planet
SynPlanet and Carbon Planet have announced a partnership to create a virtual platform for visualizing lands dedicated to carbon offset. The platform will use SynPlanet’s metaverse technology to simulate the real-world conditions and benefits of planting trees on different lands.
New Partner: in3D
SynPlanet has partnered with in3D, a company that creates photorealistic avatars with a phone camera. The partnership aims to enhance the user experience and immersion in the SynPlanet metaverse by allowing users to create and customize their own avatars. The in3D app enables users to scan their face and body with a phone camera and […]
SynPlanet partnered with GBC.AI
SynPlanet and GBC.AI have partnered to enhance security for the metaverse. The partnership will leverage GBC.AI’s expertise in blockchain security and artificial intelligence to ensure a safe and efficient Web3 experience for SynPlanet users. The partnership will also explore new possibilities for creating value and innovation in the metaverse using blockchain technology.
SynPlanet partnered with Morpheus XR
SynPlanet has announced a partnership with Morpheus XR, a platform and marketplace that provides everything to seamlessly bring your teams and your brand into VR. The partnership will enable SynPlanet to offer its realistic and interactive digital twins of Earth to Morpheus XR’s customers, who can use them for various purposes such as collaboration, training, […]
Phil Grech joined SynPlanet team as Chief Metaverse Officer
SynPlanet team is thrilled to announce Phil Grech joining us! As the Chief Metaverse Officer, Phil will lead the development and growth of SynPlanet’s metaverse. Few words about Phil: Head of strategic partnerships and strategy. 25+ years of large enterprise implementations with a focus on strategic business architecture and delivery. Strong knowledge on web3/blockchain. Optimistic […]