A real-time human-centric digital twin of Earth, delivers effortless AI-driven space creation and data access, open-source hosting, public engagement, streamlined monetization, and seamless interoperability with external tools
Real Estate & Architecture

SynPlanet is a metaverse for Real Estate market provides a new experience for users using the three-dimensional environment on the map and inside the property and a full range of works from designing the construction of a building to planning the entire city with infrastructure.

Cities’ Functionality

SynPlanet offers features for residents and city councils, including an interactive map with location-based events, alerts, and warnings. It also provides customization for various government/city council departments, flexible access controls, logging, and custom emergency response scenarios.

Reducing Carbon emissions

Deep understanding of complex climatic, environmental & social challenges, coupled with collaborative partnerships allows us to create innovative solutions to measure & verify outcomes, educate and immerse landholders

Physically based environment system

SynPlanet utilizes the data from various sources in order to display real-time weather and IoT devices to reflect real-time conditions

Tourism and Entertainment

SynPlanet provides freedom to create and customize experiences, from visiting real world destinations to interacting with other users. Choose from multiple events from all over the world and join the ones you like. Buy digital merchandise, customize your avatar. Create your own events and invite people to join!

eGov Services

Get the eGov services directly from SynPlanet, interact with other citizens and share online experience, locate the nearest City Council and ask for help in real time.


Jump to various games from within SynPlanet via portals! Explore beyond: don’t limit yourself with digital twin of Earth. Explore or create virtual worlds!